How to clean Coretec vinyl plank flooring

COREtec flooring really ticks all the right boxes. From phenomenal aesthetics, unique durability, and ease of maintenance to competitive prices, you can easily achieve an adorable look for your home.

While COREtec is exceptionally tough, it pays to know how to maintain it. We’ll step you through the tips and tricks on how to clean COREtec vinyl plank flooring to help you protect your investment!

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How to clean COREtec vinyl plank flooring

Cleaning your COREtec flooring is pretty straightforward. You can use a resilient, pH-neutral floor cleaner to wet clean your floors occasionally. You can also vacuum or sweep the planks regularly to avoid dirt buildup. Mopping or machine cleaning also tends to do the trick for COREtec flooring.

You obviously want the best service from your COREtec vinyl plank flooring for the longest time possible, right? Fortunately, you can also take great delight in having your floor looking bright and beautiful for years. All you need to do is acquaint yourself with proper maintenance protocols. Worry not; we got you covered! But first, what is COREtec flooring?

About COREtec

COREtec is a brand designated to luxury vinyl floors which has taken the residential flooring trade by storm. This product is manufactured as planks, hence the name Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP), or as tiles, hence the name Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).

Being a quality-engineered luxury type of vinyl floor, it comprises multiple layers. Its rigid core comprises limestone, recycled wood and bamboo dust, and virgin PVC. It also features a 20mm thick wear layer, making COREtec flooring incredibly resilient.

It also has a decorative layer that makes it simulate hardwood floors. This way, you get to enjoy the swank aesthetics of wood floors and the unique merits of luxury vinyl flooring.

A worthy mention of COREtec flooring is its outstanding resilience. It possesses brilliant waterproof, pet-proof, and kid-proof features, guaranteeing a floor that can withstand daily abuse without getting damaged. The icing on the cake is the residential warranty that backs up this product for a lifetime.

You will also have an easy time installing COREtec vinyl plank flooring. Even better, you can lay down the planks over any hard floor type by yourself. This helps you save on professional installation costs. You can bring a brighter and more dramatic flair to your home by installing COREtec flooring.

Up till now, you’d agree that this product has a host of advantages, including toughness. However, this does not imply that it is immune to damage. Most problems that plague other types of floors also plague COREtec flooring.

To serve you for years in its best shape, you ought to maintain COREtec vinyl plank flooring. What better way to achieve this than learning how to clean COREtec vinyl plank flooring properly? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

After Installation Care

While the anticipation of trying out your new COREtec floor is building, you have a few simple steps to go. They mostly revolve around refraining from moving in furniture, heavy appliances, and décor in the first 16 to 48 hours after installation.

To begin with, you should allow the adhesive and grout on your floor to dry adequately (about 48 hours) before moving in furniture. Additionally, you should avoid tampering with the seam bond after applying the sealer for about 16 hours. This helps to ensure that you get a solid seam bond.

Prior to moving furniture, you should get rid of loose dirt and debris that might have accumulated during installation. You can either sweep, vacuum, or dust mop to clear dirt off the surface.

Then, lightly clean your new floor with a well-wrung mop. Once dry, carefully move furniture and other appliances to prevent tearing or damaging your new floor. To mitigate this potential risk, lay plywood boards or hardboard panels on the floor. Move the furniture by walking, rolling, or sliding across the boards.

Routine Cleaning

This is a very fundamental practice that helps maintain the form and appeal of your COREtec floor. Thankfully, you don’t need to have years of experience under your belt to perform routine cleaning, as it is pretty simple. You’re basically dry cleaning.

Routine cleaning aims to avoid dirt buildup or accumulation of gritty particles. Such agents can very easily abrade, scuff, or dull your floor. You can get rid of the dirt by either vacuuming, dusting, or sweeping.

As much as vacuuming is ideal for routinely maintaining your floor, avoid using a beater brush as it can damage your floor. You can use a dry mop as an alternative to the abovementioned options.

If you do, choose a dry mop with a removable pad. A dry mop with a permanent pad can also suffice. The only catch is that you’ll have to clean the pad after use. That said, how often do you need to clean your COREtec flooring? It is preferable to do routine cleaning every day or every few days.

Another ideal routine practice is cleaning up any spills immediately after they occur. You can employ a damp mop or cloth to clean the spill. Alternatively, you can use a paper towel to blot the spill (avoid rubbing it in). If you want to clear residue caused by the spill, you can employ a mild cleaning solution.

Supplies/Materials needed

Let’s skim through some of the supplies you’ll need to ensure you’re well-geared up for the cardinal part of COREtec floor cleaning. They include;

  1. Microfiber mop – as upgrades to traditional wet mops, a microfiber mop gets the job done quickly and effectively. It is preferable for use on COREtec vinyl flooring because it is gentle and will not damage your floor. Even so, it is pretty reliable in lifting dirt and debris and even ridding stains.
  2. Bucket – This acts as a container in which you will prepare the water-cleaner solution. You will also need the bucket to dampen and rinse the mop after use.
  3. Cleaner – this is the one supply that can be costly for your floors if you go wrong. You ought to be well-guided when purchasing a cleaner. There are numerous varieties of cleaning solutions available. Settle for a special cleaner rated safe for use on COREtec luxury vinyl flooring.
  4. Vacuum or broom –these tools come in handy, especially before the deep cleaning routine. You can either use a broom or a vacuum to get rid of loose surface dirt, grit, debris, dust, or hair. By ridding your floor of such agents, you lessen the risk of marring your floor during cleaning.

Wet cleaning COREtec flooring

While regular dry cleaning is efficient in keeping your floor looking brilliant on a daily basis, deep cleaning the floor occasionally is indispensable. It simply involves wet cleaning your floor.

Now, with your set of handy tools ready, you can comfortably get over this rewarding procedure. You’ll improve your home’s sanitation through wet cleaning and get rid of eyesore stains, leaving your floors pristine. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Sweep/vacuum the floor

Getting rid of surface dirt, dust, grime, and other particles is an integral step prior to deep cleaning. This is because such agents can easily mar your floor and dull it. You can employ the traditional method of using a broom and a dustpan. This method is particularly ideal for large-sized debris and particles.

For finer particles, vacuuming will suffice. A vacuum will capture the agents that were left out by the broom. Remember to tackle beneath furniture, corners, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Step 2: Prepare the cleaning solution

It is recommendable to use a pH-neutral floor cleaner on your COREtec floor. Choose a product that is particularly indicated for this type of floor, as it will hardly leave any residue. Some of the ideal commercial cleaners include ZEP Neutral Floor Cleaner or Shaws’s R2X hard surface cleaner. Avoid using a cleaner that contains detergents or floor polish.

But first, you have to prep the solution by diluting the cleaner in cool water. Ensure that you prepare the solution in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Preparing an overconcentrated solution could be a recipe for damaging your floor.

You can opt for homemade cleaning solutions besides a suitable commercial cleaner. A case in point is apple cider vinegar. This ubiquitous household product is acidic and efficaciously tackles stains, grime, and dirt.

The acid in the vinegar is mild and will not cause damage to your floor. However, it is potent enough to clean and disinfect. You can prepare a cleaning solution by mixing a gallon of warm water with a cup of apple cider vinegar.

If the smell works you up, you can incorporate a pinch of jojoba when preparing the mixture. Jojoba can slightly alter the smell. You can rest assured that this remedy will not cause residue formation, leave traces, or a sudsy mess.

Step 3: Mop the floor

For this step, it is advisable always to use a non-abrasive mop. A microfiber mop is your best bet. With the cleaning solution ready in a bucket, immerse the microfiber mop. Then, ensure that it is well wrung out so that it is damp rather than soaking wet.

Proceed to mop by starting from one room end to the other. Mop following a back-and-forth pattern, and remember to rinse the mop often. Alternatively, you can move the mop in an S-pattern while avoiding backtracking your strokes. This helps you avoid propagating dirt and other particles around.

Step 4: Spot clean to remove stains

Stains or smudges can be an ugly sight. At times, mopping alone does not effectively clear the eyesore. Spot cleaning allows you to eliminate fresh stains and tough old ones. However, avoid using harsh chemicals or steel wools, as these can scuff your floor.

Instead, use a soft bristle nylon brush to loosen the stain by scrubbing gently. It is an excellent choice for spot cleaning since it does not scratch your floor. If the stain proves stubborn to clear, you can prepare a baking soda paste. Apply the paste onto the affected area using a soft cloth, then scrub softly.

Step 5: Dry out the floor

You are almost done! It would be best if you kept your floor free of standing water. It is true that COREtec vinyl plank flooring is waterproof. But that does not make it immune to water-related hazards.

If water finds its way between planks, it can affect the glue, cause mold to grow in the subfloor, or even cause curling. In addition, long-standing water can discolor or damage your floor. With this in mind, you’d be wise to dry the floor quickly after mopping. Simply use a towel or a dry microfiber mop to dry your COREtec flooring.

Featured below is a video illustrating some products to use in cleaning your COREtec floor and how to clean it for streak-free results.

Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts (for COREtec flooring)

Choose a pH-neutral cleaning solution if you intend to give your COREtec luxury vinyl plank a deep clean. It should be free of detergents or polish. This way, you’ll keep the floor in great shape for years to come.

It would be best to avoid using treated dust mops or cloths. The chemicals in the material can leave a residue that will dim the finish of your floor. Even worse, treated dust mops have the potential to cause permanent damage to your flooring. Also, avoid using vacuums that feature rotating beater bars on your floor.

Steam mops can also mess up your flooring. While many folks swear by steam mopping, it tends to do more harm than good for COREtec flooring. The heat and vapor produced by the mop can penetrate through the narrow spaces between the planks. As a result, the glue between flooring layers loosens. Avoid using mop and shine products as well.

What to use to clean COREtec flooring

For best results, it is advisable to use Encore Hard Surface Cleaner. This pH-balanced floor cleaner eliminates grease, scuffs, and dirt from multiple hard surfaces, including COREtec floors.

It is the ideal cleaner since it brightens and preserves the floor’s finish. What’s more, you don’t need to rinse after mopping with this product. It also does not leave a dulling or sticky residue.

You can apply it by spraying it in a manageable area. The idea is to work the floor in sections. Once you’ve sprayed, employ a microfiber wet mop pad to clean the floor. Remember to replace or rinse the pad once it gets dirty.

As a general rule of thumb, a pH-neutral floor cleaner is the best choice for COREtec flooring. It should be free of detergent or floor polish. Other practical cleaners for COREtec floors include Shaws’s R2X hard surface cleaner or ZEP Neutral Floor Cleaner.

Alternatively, you can use a solution comprising a cup of apple cider vinegar and a gallon of water. Baking soda paste is yet another homemade remedy that dependably tackles stains.

How to keep your COREtec floors looking good (Maintenance tips)

Routine maintenance through regular sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming your floor is one rewarding way of maintaining your COREtec floor. By so doing, you’re actually preventing the buildup of grit, dirt, or other particles that can mar your floor. Below are other maintenance/preventive tips that will help you prolong the lifespan of your floor.

They include;

Spills – you should clean up accidental spills immediately after they occur. You can use a damp cloth, mop, or paper towel to tackle the spill. Using a blotting motion to soak up the liquid would be best.

Stains – In the event of stains (like juice) or other sticky residues, you can use a light detergent such as dish soap and warm water to clear the mess. Then, rinse using clean water to clear any soap residue. For stubborn stains, you can use isopropyl rubbing alcohol to buff the spot using a clean towel.

Non-staining floor protectors – furniture legs can dent your floor. To avoid this, you can use flat and smooth glides rather than small, narrow, or dome-shaped metal glides. Ensure that the glides bear self-adhesive pads.

As a rule, ensure that all furniture legs lie on extensive surface floor protectors. To avoid ruining your floor’s aesthetics, make sure to use non-staining protectors. Also, inspect the glides occasionally for dirt or wear, and replace them if necessary.

Sunrays protection – while COREtec floors are super tough, long-term exposure to sunlight can discolor or fade the flooring. You, therefore, should adopt control strategies that will limit direct sunlight. Window treatments, curtains, or blinds will do the trick. They will minimize the amount of light, especially during heavy sunlight, without inhibiting the entry of natural light.

Non-staining casters or cups – You should use flat furniture casters or cups with bulky furniture or appliances. These casters tend to be excellent for weighty objects that are hardly moved. Fortunately, they are available in various sizes and shapes. Square-shaped casters come in sizes ranging from 1 1/2” to 2 5/8”, while round ones range from 1 3/8” to 1 5/8”.

Protective mats – Mats are central to promoting your floor’s health by capturing dirt, grit, sand, oil, or other outdoor agents you’d normally carry into your home. This way, they clear or minimize particles that can mar your flooring.

It is preferable to use mats without a rubber backing or latex backing. Rubber and latex backings can discolor your floor. It would help if you positioned them outside all exits and entryways of your home. Remember to clean them often, especially if your home experiences high traffic.

Heat – excessive heat can be an enemy to your floors. Heat-producing objects like cigarettes and matches pose a potential hazard. Also, appliances that produce heat scaling above 1200F, such as refrigerators and hot air registers, can discolor or even burn your floor.

Vacuum cleaners – these devices come in handy during routine cleaning and before deep cleaning. However, using the wrong vacuum cleaner on your COREtec flooring can be costly. To begin with, use a vacuum with felt or rubber wheels since it will not scratch the floor. It is also advisable to use regular vacuums that lack a rotating beater bar. The rotating brush is a brilliant feature that effectively rids hair from carpets. However, the rotating beater bars can blemish your COREtec vinyl plank flooring finish.

Cleaning products – your floor cleaner choice is a pertinent decision. Using the wrong cleaning products on your COREtec floor is bound to damage it. It would be best if you avoided mop and shine products. Also, avoid products like ammonia and bleach. If you opt for commercial cleaning products, settle for one that has a neutral pH. For homemade remedies, you can use apple cider vinegar-water preparation or baking soda paste for stains.

Footwear – cleats, stiletto-style heels, spiked shoes, or shoes bearing marking soles can cause scratches or leave indentations that are difficult to remove. Therefore, you should always pay attention to what’s on your feet. You can even adopt an indoor no-shoe policy.

Abrasive mops – an abrasive mop will dent or scratch your floor. It is recommendable to use a microfiber mop. It is gentle to the floor and clears dirt, dust, and debris successfully. Steer away from using treated dust cloths since the chemicals can damage the floor.

Prevention is always better and goes a long way in keeping your COREtec floor in good shape. This way, you can avoid the hassle and costs incurred to replace the floor or correct a blemish. Enacting the preventive tips discussed above guarantees optimal health for your floor for a long time.

Can you steam clean COREtec flooring?

You can run a steam mop on COREtec stone. However, using a steam mop on COREtec luxury vinyl planks is strongly advised against. Steam mops produce heat and vapor, which cleans and disinfects surfaces.

Undebatably, cleaning using steam mops tends to be much faster and better than the traditional mop and bucket system. Even better, you don’t have to incorporate chemical products when steam cleaning.

However, the slits/narrow spaces between the vinyl planks are vulnerable to penetration by heat and vapor exuded by a steam mop. Steam penetration could result in delamination or loosening of the glue between flooring layers.

In addition, steam can also cause degradation of the top wear layer of your LVP floor. Without this top layer, your floor is left unprotected, enabling it to absorb dirt, grit, and debris.

Therefore, steam mops are unsuitable for cleaning COREtec luxury vinyl flooring. Steam cleaning will invalidate the warranty that backs up your floor. Only consider using steam mops if you have tile floors.

How often should you mop luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Giving your LVP floor a deep clean once a week or at least twice a month is recommendable. Damp mopping your floor too often is inadvisable. For daily maintenance, sweeping, vacuuming, or dusting to remove loose dirt will suffice. Also, spot cleaning tends to be ideal for day-to-day floor care.

When wet cleaning LVP your floors weekly, remember to sweep or vacuum before mopping. Then, mop using a microfiber mop and use a pH-balanced floor cleaner. Ensure that you do not drench your LVP floor with water. Wring the mop thoroughly so that the floor only becomes lightly damp.

Here’s another helpful tip! Ensure that you treat all stains immediately after they occur. This keeps your floors looking brilliant all through. Avoid using a scrubbing attachment on your mop to preserve the top layer of your LVP floor.

Will my COREtec floor need polishing?

Your COREtec floor may need polishing, especially if it has experienced significant traffic over time. You can determine whether your floor needs polishing by checking to see if it has lost its shine and luster.

If it has, you can resolve the issue by applying a top-quality floor polish such as Hilway Direct, ideally once a year. Interestingly, this polish can grant up to a year of protection from further wear and tear, even in areas of high traffic.

All you have to do is begin by cleaning your floor thoroughly. Then, following the label’s instructions, apply 2 – 3 coats of this polish. After application, remember to let your floor dry overnight before resuming regular use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can COREtec flooring get wet?

COREtec flooring is 100% waterproof, giving it an upper hand over other water-resistant types of floors. The materials used in its construction (limestone, recycled wood, virgin PVC, and bamboo dust), the construction process, and installation are all factors that ensure it does not swell even after exposure to water.

The edges of COREtec luxury planks and tiles have a unique design that promotes a water-tight seal after installation. This seal ensures that water will not find its way to the subfloor. You can therefore install COREtec in wet areas of your home, such as bathrooms and kitchens. No need to worry if it will warp or buckle.

  • Does COREtec scratch easily?

No, it does not. This particular flooring is scratch resistant and can stand against minor scratches. However, be aware that it is not scratch-proof. This is why bulky furniture and other heavy appliances are likely to scuff your floor, especially if you drag them across the surface.

  • Does Coretec flooring fade?

Overexposure to sunlight can cause your COREtec flooring to fade or discolor. You can use curtains, blinds, or other treatments for channels like windows to mitigate this potential problem. Such remedies will help limit the sunrays accessing your floor without inhibiting natural light.

  • What is the difference between COREtec and COREtec Plus?

COREtec luxury vinyl flooring brand provides five vinyl flooring series. Among these five COREtec levels is COREtec Original, which features 15 collections. COREtec Plus is a product amongst these 15 collections.

COREtec Original and COREtec Pro products feature an outstanding finish that promotes resistance to impacts and stains and makes cleaning a breeze. These products are waterproof and scratch resistant, making them distinctively durable.

Final Verdict

The high ratings of COREtec flooring are a true testament to its mushrooming popularity. You can bet on this flooring to keep up with your family, kids, and pets over the years while still looking good.

However, for it to offer you optimal service, it is necessary that you understand how to clean COREtec vinyl plank flooring. Thankfully, its caring needs will not turn you into a cleaning slave.

Simply vacuum or sweep your floor on a daily basis and wet clean it once a week or twice a month. For an in-depth insight into how to perform routine and deep cleans correctly, be sure to skim through this article. All the best!


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