8 Best Wall Color for Gray Floors of 2023 [ Expert Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]

An image showing RECOLOR Paint Recycled Interior Latex Paint Wall Finish, one of the best wall color for gray floors

Gray floors, whether carpet, laminate, stone, or other flooring types, are a staple in most homes. This is because gray is an achromatic color, hitting the sweet spot between white and black.

If you have a gray floor, one central conundrum is determining a wall color that augments it. You sure want to equip your home with an eclectic mix of floor, wall, and furniture tones. So, what is the best wall color for gray floors to make your home strike a chord in a good light?

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Best Wall Color for gray floors Reviews 2022

1. White – Rust-Oleum Simply Home Interior Wall Paint-Best Overall

This pure white acrylic paint is the way to go if you wish to impose a dramatic look on your home. Being a latex paint, you are spoilt for application styles. To apply this paint, you can spray, brush or roll it to achieve a stylish and uniform finish on interior walls.

What’s more, this bargain is washable and doubles up as a minimum-odor paint and primer. If you are dealing with a surface that needs hiding, e.g. dark colors and extra adhesion, e.g. bare wood, it is recommendable to employ an additional primer.

If you are questioning the suitability of this paint for your walls, worry not. This is because it is applicable to multifarious surfaces, including aluminum, drywall, steel, masonry, and wood. This paint comes in 1-gallon paint can, so you can bet on a gallon to cover 300-425 sq. ft. This depends on your application style, surface texture, and color.


  • Provides an average coverage of 35 square meters.
  • Practical for both interior and exterior purposes.
  • Available in contemporary and on-trend palettes of pre-mixed colors.
  • It has a low odor and is washable.
  • Easy to apply and has a flat finish type.
  • Supports multiple application methods.
  • Acrylic type of paint.


  • Mainly recommended for wood and aluminum surfaces.


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2. Taupe – Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One-Runners up

This top-rating paint from the acclaimed prestige brand provides an ideal way to modernize your home. You can transform your bedroom, living room, media room, hallway, kitchen, or dining room into an evocative space with this acrylic latex paint.An image of Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, one of the best wall colors for gray floors

Interestingly, this paint self-primes over previously painted interior surfaces and well-prepared uncoated plaster, drywall, and stucco. Applying this paint is like a cakewalk. All you ought to remember is to mix the paint before use and blend all containers for color homogeneity.

Thankfully, you can opt to apply this paint through rolling (3/8” nap roller cover), spraying or brushing. If you choose to spray, remember to sparingly thin with water. You can also easily clean it up after 14 days with a non-abrasive cleaner. This product is a sure way to impart a soft washable look in any space.

You will be impressed by this paint’s ability to deliver an eggshell texture on a painted surface. You can appreciate this eggshell finish, especially when you visualize the painted surface at an angle in the light. Eggshell finish tends to be low-gloss, easily cleanable and more reflective than flat sheens.


  • Eggshell type of finish (more durable, reflective, and easy to clean)
  • Features a primer and paint in one
  • Lifetime warranty if applied on a well-prepared surface
  • Easy to clean up with soap and water
  • Applicable by either rolling, spraying, or brushing
  • It takes 4 hours to attain a full cure
  • Easy to apply


  • The warranty does not cover degeneration of underlying service, failure of previous paint, or due to structural defects.


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3. Misty – Glidden Interior Paint + Primer: Misty Surf

This acrylic paint will pique your interest with its one-coat coverage trait. In a more cerebral context, this trait makes the paint possess outstanding concealing and stain block capabilities. You will therefore require lesser coats to conceal usual stains and beautify your walls.

This Glidden One Coat Interior Paint and Primer is available in semi-gloss, eggshell, and flat finishes. This makes it quite ideal for all rooms in your home. Additionally, these specially chosen striking Teal and Aqua paint colors make any space to be easy on the eyes.

Even better, it will not be a hassle for you to get rid of anything that gets on your finish. This is because this paint demonstrates excellent washability meaning it excellently handles scrubbing. Here’s another useful advantage, this product allows you to paint with minimal disruption and stress to your ordinary routine.


  • Handles scrubbing to get agents off your finish
  • Available in eggshell, flat and semi-gloss finishes
  • This bargain provides a lifetime guarantee
  • One coat coverage feature
  • Outstanding hide and stain-blocking ability
  • Phenomenal coverage of 400 square feet
  • Low-VOC and low-NULL paint for less stress


  • Relatively long full cure time (720 hours)


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4. Light gray – Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One

With an eye toward restyling your home’s interior walls, you will need paint to help you achieve a captivating transformation. Look no further, as this light gray acrylic latex paint will undoubtedly fit the bill. An image of Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One, an exceptional unit among the best wall colors for gray floors

This bargain comes inclusive of a stir stick, 1 gallon of paint (3.78 L), and a can opener. You can bet on the paint (a gallon) to deliver an average coverage of 37 square meters (250-40 sq. ft). This paint impressively dries in one hour after application and takes about 4 hours to attain full cure time.

This special deal is available in a semi-gloss finish that imparts a lustrous look that brightens the appearance of your room. This type of finish is also the simplest to clean via wiping or gentle scrubbing compared to other finishes. Simply use soap and warm water to clean up.

When it comes to application methods, you are truly spoilt for choice. This paint allows the use of a roller, brush, or spray. You’ll be glad to know that the prestige brand offers a lifetime warranty if you apply the paint on a well-prepared surface following all label guidelines.


  • Paint and primer in one
  • Available in a semi-gloss finish
  • It provides an average coverage of 325 square feet
  • Easy to clean with soap and water and a non-abrasive cleaner
  • Applicable through multiple methods
  • Low-VOC feature
  • Suitable for most spaces in your home
  • Lifetime warranty if applied on a properly prepped surface and per label directions


  • The gloss finish is poor in hiding imperfections


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5. Pale yellow – Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer in One

One sure way to make any space more inviting is by covering your interior walls with this supreme paint. It graciously doubles up as a primer that can self-prime over any well-prepared surface like plaster, drywall, or stucco. Remember to use a stain-blocking primer sealer when dealing with a glossy or stained surface.

You will not need to perform complicated routines prior to using this paint other than stirring and intermixing all containers. You can then choose a pad painter, nap roller cover, or brush as your applicator. Alternatively, you can also opt to apply by spraying. Remember to thin sparingly using water before spraying.

This paint comes in a volume of one gallon with an average coverage of 250-400 sq. ft. After application, this paint dries in about one hour. You will also get an eggshell type of finish which is more durable and easier to clean than a flat finish. Also, it is a low gloss but more reflective than flat finishes.


  • Easy to clean with a non-abrasive cleaner
  • Provides an average coverage of 250-400 sq. ft
  • Lifetime warranty if applied on a properly prepared surface following all label directions
  • Eggshell finish type
  • Allows multiple application methods
  • Low VOC for minimal stress
  • Ideal for hallways, living rooms and family rooms
  • Bears self-priming ability
  • Attains full cure time in 4 hours


  • None to mention


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6. Sage green – RECOLOR Paint Recycled Interior Latex Paint Wall Finish

If you are looking for paint that is perfect halfway between flat and eggshell finishes, this sage green paint is your best bet. This product is economical, helping you save on expenses without sacrificing quality. You can count on a quart of this paint to cover about 100 square feet.

Here’s another trait that will impress you. You will need soap and water for clean-ups since this latex paint is durable and washable. When applying, you can use this paint as a primer or topcoat on new, well-prepared exteriors or painted surfaces. It also tends to be ideal for concrete, vinyl, wood, and aluminum siding.

You are better off using environmentally friendly paint. Fortunately, producing this paint aims to promote waste reduction and natural resource conservation and minimize water and air pollution. Emphasizing this is its low VOC (volatile organic compounds) feature that ensures minimal release of chemical solvents into the air.

You can count on Recolor paint to introduce a natural touch to your trim, walls, doors and other interior surfaces. You can also employ it for exterior surfaces like outdoor sidings. It is also ideal for furniture since it features a chalk finish.


  • Attains full cure time in about 2-6 hours
  • Provides an average coverage of 400-450 sq. ft per gallon
  • Easy to clean with soapy water
  • Allows application with either a brush or roller
  • Low in volatile organic compounds
  • Undergoes thorough screening and testing for quality assurance
  • Delivers a finish between eggshell and flat
  • Observes environmental integrity


  • It comes in a volume of 32 fluid ounces rather than the standard 1 gallon


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7. Dusty Pink – KILZ 13904 Chalky Finish Paint

The distinguished KILZ brand presents a way to introduce pop in your living room through this ultra matte decorative chalk finish paint. If you have vintage furniture or other new pieces in your home, you can easily reinvigorate them into arresting items by using this paint.

You can also brush or roll this paint onto concrete, cast stone, metal, old or new wood, wicker, and more. Before applying your paint, it is recommendable to start with a KILZ primer. Then shake the container well before using the paint. You can apply one to two coats depending on your intended look for your finished project.

It will only take about 1 hour to dry to the touch, after which you should recoat after 2 hours. When painting furniture, finishing with the spruce best home by KILZ clear sealing wax is advisable after the paint dries. This plays a significant role in sealing and protecting your project.

You can count on one quart to cover about 60-100 sq. ft. If the need to do a clean-up arises, you can do so with just soap and water since it is a water-based, 100% acrylic product. It is also a low odor and low VOC bargain.


  • Attains full cure time in 2 hours
  • Average coverage of 60 – 100 sq. ft. per quart
  • Delivers matte type of finish
  • It takes about 1 hour to dry to the touch
  • Excellent for upcycling furniture n=and more
  • Recommended for glass, metal, wood, and stone surfaces
  • An attractive shaded medium pink


  • For maximal durability, you will have to apply sealing wax over your dry paint

8. Smoky Blue – Boomerang Eco-Friendly Interior Paint

Walls tend to be the most extensive surfaces of a room. The decision on how they should look is, therefore, critical. It is in your interest to have the walls of your home appear alluring and fulfilling. One way of achieving this is to ensure you choose a color that is fitting for your walls.Among the best wall color for gray colors, Boomerang Eco-Friendly Interior/Exterior Paint, Pearl Finish is an excellent option for your gray walls

This paint from the esteemed Boomerang Paints brand might be precisely what you’re looking for. Its ease of application is unmatched and tends to be ideal for walls and ceilings.

On the upside, you will enjoy the superior hiding power that enables it to conceal imperfections. It is also easily washable if you need to get something off your finish. It is eco-friendly, with four times fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 


  • Delivers eggshell type of finish
  • Excellent for interior usage
  • Easily washable
  • Provides cover of up to 430 sq. ft.
  • Easy to apply
  • Great hiding power
  • Up to four times fewer greenhouse gas emissions


  • You will need to use about two coats


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Best Wall Color for Gray Floors Buyers’ Guide 2022

Throughout the years, gray flooring has been exerting its influence as a favorite in many households. This is because of its neutrality, stylish and captivating look. Even so, you might find yourself in a quandary when choosing a wall color that complements your gray floor. 

True, choosing a wall color matching a very light or dark floor might be much easier. This shouldn’t mean that you have to redo your entire flooring. In fact, it would regale you to know that having a gray color for your floor unlocks the opportunity for décor and furniture to take precedence.

To avoid ending up with a nondescript-looking room, you will want first to establish the sort of gray you have on your floor. There may be a warm or cool tone to the gray. Additionally, the lighting of your room and your preference will also influence your wall color decision. 

With this in mind, deciding the best wall color for gray floors means weighing the various hordes of ideal shades and settling for the best one. For instance, shades such as blue grays/dusty blues (cool blue), cool whites or white whites, or dusty greens (green grays) tend to work well with gray flooring.

With the above examples, you will probably notice a sense of detail in the wall color shades. Walls make up the most extensive surfaces of your rooms. Making an unguided wall color decision might make your room look depressing. 

You sure don’t want that. What should you look out for when determining the best wall color for gray floors? Here are some factors to consider when selecting a wall color to ensure you have a perfect interior design. They include;

Finish type

It is highly recommendable to get your arms around the various types of finishes available. Different paints come in different finishes making them have slight differences. Expatiate below are some of these finish types, including;

  1. Eggshell finish – as the name suggests, paints with an eggshell finish impart an eggshell texture on a painted surface. This is appreciable, especially when visualized at an angle in the light. 

This finish is a low gloss but bears more reflection than flat sheens. It also beats the flat type of finish in terms of durability and ease of cleaning. These properties make it quite distinctive.

  1. Flat/matte finish – the outstanding feature of this finish type is that it offers low light reflectivity. This works to your advantage since it rarely shows imperfections in walls and ceilings. These traits make it suitable for low-traffic areas like a formal living room, a study room, or a master bedroom.
  2. Semi-gloss – this finish is halfway between satin and gloss sheens; it is more reflective than satin but less shiny than gloss. This property makes this finish able to brighten a room’s appearance since it is shiny. 

A noteworthy merit of this finish type is that it is ideal for high-humidity spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can easily clean walls with this finish by wiping or light scrubbing. 

This makes them one of the most accessible finishes to clean. However, this finish, too, has a downside. Due to its shiny nature, it will likely reveal imperfections on a ceiling or wall. Semi-gloss finishes are ideal for children’s rooms, baths, and kitchens.

Application methods

You’d agree that diversity is a desirable trait when it comes to the mode of paint application. Therefore, it would help if you opted for a paint that supports multiple application methods. 

Usually, most paints will allow application by brushing, rolling, or spraying. This diversity grants you the flexibility to use a method of your preference. This is, of course, more desirable than a paint that only limits you to one application method.

If you opt to apply by brushing, an angled brush (probably 2.5”) will suffice for trim and precision tasks. A roller will be a safe bet if you are dealing with extensive but flat and smooth surfaces. 

Average coverage

It should be your interest to check out the extent (surface area) a unit volume of your preferred paint covers on average. This is important to help you plan how much paint to purchase to get the job done. 

Usually, the area is expressed either in square feet (denoted sq. Ft) or square meters. The volume of the paint is usually expressed in liters, gallons, or fluid ounces. It is recommendable to settle for a deal that provides above 250 sq. ft. coverage per gallon (3.78 liter).

You should note that the application method, surface texture, and color, to some extent, influence the coverage area. Therefore, you might even cover up to 450 sq. ft per gallon, depending on your choice of paint. 

Relative cure time

Since you’ll be purchasing paint to apply onto a solid surface, it is essential to understand that a chemical process goes on for it to bond on the surface. Paints that take excessively long periods to bond will inconvenience you. 

It is in your best interest to procure a paint that bonds quickly, making the freshly painted surface ready for use soonest possible. That said, it would be best if you opted for a deal that cures/dries quickly, ranging between 2 hours on the lower end and 24 hours on the high end.

Other desirable factors

Besides the discussed primary factors, you’d be wise to also look out for minor properties that make your paint of interest count in your favor. Delineated below are some of these properties, which include;

  1. Ease of clean-up – at times, a spill or marking will get on your finish making it unappealing. Excellent washability is a desirable trait in paint. For most paint deals, soap and water will suffice to clean up the marking on your finish.
  2. Low odor – paints that yield a strong smell after application may be displeasing. You don’t want to deal with a paint smell that irritates your nose. This might even disrupt your daily routine and add more stress. Settle for a deal that has a low odor in its description.
  3. Warranty – although not mandatory, deals backed up by a warranty cover tend to be more enticing. Some manufacturers go out of their way and offer bargains with a lifetime guarantee.
  4. Low VOC – It would be best if you opted for a deal bearing the low Volatile Organic Compounds feature. This trait oversees minimal release of chemical solvents into the air, which would otherwise pay deleterious effects.
  5. Diversity of surfaces – a paint that embraces application on multiple surfaces is more worthwhile. This means you will not be limited to applying on one surface. 

Typically, your paint of interest should allow application on surfaces like concrete, masonry, drywall, metal surfaces, vinyl, wood, and aluminum siding.

  1. Paint-and-primer in one – these are paint bargains that also double up as primers. Such deals are advantageous since they eliminate the need to use a primer before applying paint.

What color wall paint goes best with gray pearl floors for office

If you’ve settled for pearl gray floors with the intention of achieving an authentic and sophisticated look for your office, you’re already halfway there. The remaining half involves choosing a wall color that will complement your gray pearl floors.

Blues will distinctively accentuate your office look. Various shades of blue introduce a cool and soothing effect in combination with gray flooring. Dusty blues (or blue grays) or light, mid or dark blue shades will do the trick. However, avoiding turquoise or aqua blues would be best since they contain excessive green.

Should walls be darker than the floor?

It is in the interest of most homeowners to have their interior spaces look larger. For this reason, it is recommendable to have the floor color darker than the walls. This tends to open up the room and make spaces appear larger.

However, there are some instances where it is preferable to have walls darker than the floor. You want to create a height illusion if the room has a low ceiling. You can achieve this by settling for a floor finish lighter than the walls.

Do grey floors go with grey walls?

It is always a concern whether grey floors blend with grey walls. While a grey floor is one of the best templates to breathe life into your home, a grey wall shade similar to your floor will impart a bland look.

It, therefore, would be best if you opted for a grey wall shade that is different from your floor. For instance, a dark shade of grey for your flooring distinguishably blends with a light grey shade for your walls. 

This combination will create an evocative contrast between your walls and floor, making the room more dramatic. Also, your taste in interior design contributes to the general appearance of grey floors with grey walls. Alternatively, you can combine grey floors with other neutral colors like beige for your walls to achieve a stylish look.

How do you make grey floors feel warm?

For a start, it is essential to note that various types of gray exist. There are warm greys that lean towards yellow and brown/beige. Greys with these undertones tend to offer a soft, comforting feel.

There are cool greys grounded in blue and green tints that make a space feel contemporary and cool. Understanding the shade of grey of your flooring is vital when determining how to make your grey floors feel warm. 

It is quite easy to mess things up since there are many colors to choose from. At times, the color you choose to warm up your grey floors might not be the best, as it may leave your room looking flat. Remember to take into consideration the position and type of lighting in the room.

That said, listed below are pointers to guide you with your specific shade of grey.

  1. Brown-grey flooring – blacks and neutrals.
  2. Dark grey floors – accentuate bold colors like red, black, or white.
  3. Red-grey flooring – creams and pinks.
  4. Light grey floors – warm colors like beige and cream.
  5. Blue-grey floors – browns and golds.


You can transform a room into a modern and elegant space or better yet, into an inviting and tranquil home with gray floors. However, this can be unobtainable if you make an unguided decision on wall accents.

This article spotlights some of the best wall color for gray floors, including blue grays, cool whites/white whites, and green grays, among others. It would help if you avoided medium to light grays for the walls. Also, a crucial thing to remember is to read the entire paint can before you start painting. All the best!

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