10 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner of 2024 [ Expert Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]

Hardwood floors can amass dust and dirt and even harbor bacteria over time, possibly exposing you and your loved ones to illness. Besides, the wood floors that are scratched or dirty are uncomfortable to play on or walk on.

Cleaning hardwood floors is a perfect way to guard the wood’s finish and maintain its natural aesthetics. Besides, cleaning improves the floor’s lifespan, reduces exposure to dust and dirt clouds, and promotes

Regardless, the best hardwood floor cleaner is a subject of choice and can vary based on ones  preferences and wood floor needs. You must understand the nature of your hardwood floor and choose a cleaner that will be compatible with it.

The market today is flooded with numerous hardwood cleaner units. In this article, we have delved into the ten best hardwood floor cleaners and provided a buyer guide to help you make the best purchase decision.

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Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Reviews of 2024

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray – 32 fl oz – Unscented

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is an excellent option when you are looking for an easy-to-use and effective cleaner that will improve and maintain the aesthetic and appearance of your wood floor. Bona has designed its products with plant-derived ingredients and is a safer choice certified by the U.S. EPA standards. The implication is that Bona hardwood floor cleaners meet the U.S. EPA standards for containing safe ingredients in homes. You will not have any problem spraying them around your pets, family, or neighborhood.

Furthermore, one essential consideration when choosing a cleaning product is whether it requires dilution or is ready to use. The Bona hardwood floor cleaner spray requires no dilution as it is a ready-to-use solution that you only need to spray on your floor and wipe clean.

Also, unlike alkaline cleaners, Bona does not leave any residue behind, so you can return to enjoying your floor and home in no time.

The versatility of Bona hardwood floor cleaners is unmatched. The unit is effective and safe for use on all types of hardwood floors. The wood cleaner is safe enough for all sealed or finished hardwood floors, including maple, oak, and Brazilian cherry.

The fragrance that comes with most cleaners can be irritable to most families within homes. The Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray is scent-free and will not leave any odor lingering on your floors. If you have a family member allergic to scented odors, this won’t be an issue with Bona Hardwood floor cleaners.

Important Features

  • Brand- Bona
  • Scent-Unscented
  • Material Feature- Natural
  • Place of Use- Floor
  • Product form- Spray
  • Use with Bona Microfiber mop and Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad for best results.
  • Water-based cleaning formula- dries fast, is free from residue, and is safer for pets, people, and the environment (planet).


  • Scent-free/Unscented
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Method of use: It comes in a spray bottle. You only need to spray it onto a clean and dry mop head. Use the mop to clean the floor, then wipe the excess cleaner with a clean, dry cloth. The cleaner leaves no residues.
  • It contains safe ingredients like water, glycerin, lauryl glucoside, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and deionized water, making it versatile for most hardwood floor types.


  • Not very suitable for unfinished hardwood floors


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2. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Cleaning becomes a little easier with the Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray mop. This exciting unit is integrated with a refillable cartridge filled with Bona hardwood floor cleaner making it easier to keep your mop stocked without purchasing a new one every time the cleaner solution runs out.An image of Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop , one of the best hardwood floor cleaner

The purchase comes with a washable microfiber pad package that you can use to clean your floors without leaving residue or streaks. For easy cleaning, you can use a machine to wash the pad.

In addition, you can reach all areas in your room, thanks to the washer’s extra-long head, ensuring that you can get to every corner of the room and under the furniture. As you mop, the washer’s flexible rubber corners will protect your furniture and baseboards from damage. It’s lightweight and also reduces your chances of getting fatigued as you do the cleaning.

What’s more! The comfort of your hands is enhanced by a secondary grip that gives you massive control of the cleaner when mopping. Its retractable hook enhances the ease of storage when not in operation.

Important Features

  • Refillable Cartridge-saves on money and reduce waste
  • Microfiber pad-soft and gentle on your floor, picking grime and dirt from your floor, leaving them streak or residue-free.
  • Flexible rubber corners-protects your baseboards and furniture from damage.
  • Retractable hook- ensures easy storage when the mop is not in use. You can use the hook to hang the mop on a wall or closet rod.
  • Extra-long mop head-easy to reach all areas of the room
  • Secondary grip- enhances comfort and control when mopping.


  • Durable and lightweight design with a secondary grip for enhanced comfort and ease of operation.
  • Extra-large for faster clean-up
  • It has a reusable and refillable design saving on cost and reducing plastic waste.
  • Cleans hardwood floors with a dual zone microfiber pad, safe for all unwaxed, polyurethane-finished wood floor cleaning.


  • The extra-long head may be too long for other people.


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3. Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner

One of the most environmentally friendly wood floor cleaner options you will fancy finding in the market today is Method Squirt +Mop Wood floor cleaner. The cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic, no-wax, and designed for high performance on wood floors, leaving the floors looking and smelling nice.

Method Squirt +Mop Wood floor cleaner is easy to operate as it only involves squeezing the cleaner onto the floor and mopping it up. With the help of its ergonomic nozzle spray, you can cover significant areas of your floor in fewer sweeps and avoid puddling.

The cleaner is characterized by a refreshing scent that will leave your home clean and inviting for your families and visitors.

Top Features

  • Non-toxic-the wood cleaner can be used around pets and children.
  • No-wax formula- has a clean finish with no residue or streak left on the floor surfaces
  • Biodegradable-the cleaner is eco-friendly as it can easily break down in the environment.
  • Ease of use- you only need to squeeze the cleaner onto the floor and mop it up.
  • The almond scent gives your home a fresh, clean, inviting smell.


  • Eliminates residue build-up on the floor surface after cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Has almond scent
  • Made from naturally derived fibers
  • 100% wax free


  • It needs a separate mop


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4. Murphy Oil Soap

The Murphy Oil soap has earned its cleaning reputation and has been among the most trusted cleaner choice for hardwood floors over decades. One likeable and essential element with this cleaner is its inclusion of natural ingredients like vegetable oil, coconut oil, and other plant derivative cleaning agents effective for eliminating dirt and grime on wood floor surfaces and restoring their shine.A picture of Murphy's Oil Soap Liquid Wood Cleaner one of the best hardwood floor cleaner

Besides, like other common cleaners, the Murphy Oil soap is safe on hardwood floors as it is non-toxic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable. As a result, you can use it on unfinished wood, making it a versatile choice for use on various wood surfaces. Besides, you won’t have a problem using it around kids and pets.

However, one drawback of this cleaner is that it requires dilution with water before usage. That is, it is not a ready-to-use cleaner. Instead, you must first mix it with water in a bucket. So, when using Murphy’s oil soap to clean the wood floors, ensure the mop or cloth you are using is thoroughly wrung so as not to wet the wood as excess moisture or water damages the wood floors.

Essential Features

  • Non-toxic- Safe to use around children and pets. Also, environmentally friendly since it is biodegradable and phosphate free.
  • Natural ingredients- made from naturally derived ingredients like vegetable oils and coconut oils
  • Versatile or multipurpose- can be used to polish different wood types or clean and condition leather. It can also be used as a mild insect repellant.
  • Ease of use- you only need to make a damp sponge or cloth and apply it to the desired surface. You then wipe the wood surface with a dry cloth.
  • Less costly- Murphy Oil soap is among the cheapest cleaners in the market and is readily available.
  • Brand-Murphy.
  • Scent-original
  • Material Feature-Biodegradable
  • Item form-Spray


  • It is non-toxic, improving safety when used around children and pets
  • It is made from natural ingredients and hence can be used in a variety of wood floors
  • Versatile or multipurpose
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use since it comes in a spray bottle and does not require dilution.


  • Requires dilution


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5. Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Wood & laminate floor cleaner is a water-based formula safe for hardwood floors. The cleaner is formulated to clean and protect the floor’s finish without leaving any streaks or residue.

Furthermore, due to its hypoallergic nature, you won’t have issues using the product around children and pets. It is also safe for the environment as it is biodegradable. Since it is applied by spraying, the cleaner is easy to use and can be applied by any individual following the instructions from the manufacturers.

The cleaner can be used on different floors, including laminate and engineered floors. It works on different types of dirt on the wood floors, including spills. Stains, dust, oil, and footprints just by spraying the surface.

Essential Features

  • No-rinse formula – has no-rinse formula saving time and enhancing the convenience
  • Hypoallergic-increasing its safety around children and pets
  • Eco-friendly- biodegradable
  • Easy to use -applied using a spray bottle.
  • Scent-bamboo
  • Brand-Black Diamond Stonework


  • It can be used on all floors, like engineered and laminate hardwood floors.
  • The cleaner can remove spills, stains, dust, oil, and footprints
  • It is easy to use. You need to spray it on the surface and wipe it out
  • It is safe around children and pets
  • The cleaner is eco-friendly and biodegradable


  • It requires a separate mop or cloth


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6. Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

If you are looking for a wood floor cleaner that is pH-balanced and easy to use, leaving your floor clean and shiny with no residue, then Bruce Hardwood & Laminate floor cleaner is a perfect choice.Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

The cleaner is ready-to-use and designed to clean and protect all no-wax hardwood and laminate floors. You can use this cleaner both for routine and spot cleaning. For example, if you aim to do spot cleaning, you only need to directly spray the cleaner onto the soiled area and use a damp cloth to wipe it away.

On the other hand, for routine cleaning, use the directions on the bottle to dilute the cleaner with water and mop your floor as usual.

The cleaner is safe for use in a range of hardwood floors as it is a non-acidic, non-abrasive formula that can lift the soil from the surface of the urethane finish without leaving any residue. The various wood floor types where you can use Bruce hardwood & laminate floor cleaner include oak, maple, and cherry.

Important features

  • Ready to use formula
  • No dulling films
  • No rinsing needed
  • Non-acidic and non-abrasive


  • The cleaner is easy to use
  • It does not require rinsing and no dulling film
  • Ready-to-use formula. No need to dilute the cleaner.
  • It is appropriate for regular cleaning of hardwood and laminate floors. It can be used on different types of wood floors.
  • It is safe on hardwood floors since it is non-abrasive and non-acidic.
  • It is safe to use around children and pets.


  • Non to mention
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7. Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit

The Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit presents another effective and convenient way to clean wood floors. The cleaner includes various items that facilitate its use, including a spray mop, a bottle of WetJet cleaning solution, and five microfiber cleaning pads.a picture of Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit, All Purpose Floor Cleaning Products, 1 Mop, 10 Pads, Cleaning Solution, Batteries

Thanks to its dual-nozzle sprayer, the Swiffer Wetjet cleaner allows even distribution of the cleaning solution onto your floors. Its microfiber pads are formulated to pick up dust, debris, and dirt with no residues left on the surface, increasing its cleaning efficiency.

Furthermore, you can easily set up and use this model hassle-free. All you need to do is to attach the handle to the mop head, insert the batteries, load the cleaning solution, and pop on a fresh cleaning pad.

This cleaner is safe on wood floors and applies to different wood floors, including finished and sealed ones. Fantastic!

One demerit you must note when purchasing the Swiffer WetJet wood starter kit is that the cleaner bottle is not refillable and will require replacement over time.



  • Reduces mess- it is included with microfiber cleaning pads that can trap all dirt and debris and reduce clutter on the floor.
  • It has disposable pads for easy cleanup.
  • It is lightweight with a compact design facilitating easy navigation under the furniture.
  • Versatile and can be used in different floor types, including sealed and finished floors.


  • The cleaner bottle is not refillable.


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8. Miele Boast CX1 Parquet Canister Vacuum

The Miele Boast CX1 is a powerful cleaner for homes with hard floors. The cleaner creates a powerful vortex to capture coarse soil and fine dust. Moreover, its agile design and swivel wheels will allow you to easily maneuver the different corners of your floor without getting fatigued. Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine SNRF0 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner in Lotus White

Miele Boast CX1 also features a TrackDrive system to help the vacuum cleaner stay on track, even when vacuuming around the furniture or any other obstacles in your room.

The cleaner comes as a package with a dedicated parquet floor brush attachment that enhances its performance on hardwood floors. This, coupled with its soft notched bristles, allows air to move through for better pickup, which adds to its outstanding cleaning performance. You wouldn’t be bothered even with the tinniest particles on your floor as its Hygiene AirClean filter attracts or traps up to 99.99% of the small escaping particles, such as pollutants and allergens.

Essential Features

  • Multistage filtration System
  • Gentle on delicate floors
  • Vortex technology
  • Track Drive system
  • HEPA AirClean filter
  • Parquet Twister floorhead


  • The cleaner has a cord rewind system that makes it easy to rewind the cord and keep it tidy.
  • The height-adjustable telescopic tube allows you to adjust the cleaner’s height to suit your needs.
  • Detachable dust container that empties the vacuum cleaner without touching the dirt.
  • It comes with a brush for wood floors
  • It is compact and portable, hence allowing for easier maneuverability


  • Not suitable for deep cleaning as it lacks a rotating brush nozzle
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9. Libman Hardwood Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Libman Hardwood Cleaner is one of the most sought cleaning products today, designed for hardwood floors and is economical. The cleaner is citrus-scented, cleans shine, and protects your wood floors with no residue. Besides, Libman hardwood cleaner is safe for all hardwood floors, including pre-finished and unfinished floors.

The cleaner is characterized by a concentrated formula requiring only a tiny amount per gallon of water. As a result, the cleaner is more economical to use than most of the floor cleaners.

Moreover, this hardwood cleaner is easy to use. You only need to mix it with water based on the directions provided by the manufacturers on the bottle, and then, you will only need to spray it onto your floor and mop it up.

Moreover, the effectiveness of this unit is unmatched. The cleaner can remove grime, dirt, and scuff marks from your floor’s surface without causing any damage to the floor or residues.

Essential Features

  • Citrus Scent- Libman is characterized by the fresh citrus scent that will leave your floors inviting and clean.
  • Safe on pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors
  • The cleaner comes in a 16-ounce bottle
  • It is cheaper, going for as low as $5


  • It is effective on sticky residues
  • It can dissolve scuff marks
  • It is affordable and economical to use
  • The concentrated formula characterizes it



  • Its bottle is small in size.


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10. ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE W100 cleaner is a powerful and versatile tool that you can use to clean both dry and wet masses from your hardwood floor. The cleaner is all-in-one, as it can vacuum, wash, and mop in one cleaning cycle, making it a perfect option for a busy household.A picture of ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight Hard Floors Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, One-Step Cleaning, LED Display, Long Runtime, for Carpets

The cleaner is easy to use, facilitated by a one-button self-cleaning. This unit is integrated with a one-button cleaning function that cleans the roller brush and inner tubes, making it easy to keep the vacuum clean.

Besides, the ILIFE w100 vacuum cleaner has two suction modes, the normal and max, allowing you to control the different cleaning needs. With an extended runtime of up to 30 minutes, you can clean your entire home without worrying about its power running out.

The longer run time is supported by the unit’s lightweight and portability to allow you to take it with you from one room to another as you do the cleaning job.

Essential Features

  • One-button self-cleaning
  • Two suction modes
  • All-in-one cleaning
  • Longer run time
  • Portable and lightweight


  • It is integrated with a washable water filter
  • It has massive suction
  • It has the best pickup of dry, wet, and combo messes
  • It has a longer run time of up to 30 minutes


  • It does not separate the dry debris from dirty water


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Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Buying Guide 

Every homeowner has specific needs or achievements they want to make with their cleaning project. As such, when shopping for hardwood floor cleaners, you must consider several factors to choose a product that will meet your unique needs and produce the desired outcome.

We have discussed some of these factors below.

What to consider when choosing the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Consider Compatibility

Compatibility describes the sustainability of a given wood floor cleaner for your specific type of flooring and its finish. Not all cleaners will be suitable for the different types of wood floors. The various wood floors, including engineered wood, solid wood, or laminate wood, may have unique cleaning needs.

Besides, the finish in the different kinds of wood floors, like wax, polyurethane, or oil, may also influence the type of cleaner you purchase for your wood floor.

A wood cleaner incompatible with your type of wood floor or finish may result in massive damages and discoloration that require costly refinishing and repairs. A good instance is using a wood cleaner designed for waxed floors on polyurethane-finished floors. The result would be a sticky residue or dullness on the floor’s surface.

Besides, if you use a cleaner with a high pH on an oil wood floor as a protective layer, the cleaning solution can strip away the protective oil layer.

Considering the above examples, compatibility is instrumental before deciding on a given wood floor. Carefully read the product labels and choose a cleaner designed for your type of hardwood floor and its finish. Take note of the instructions from the manufacturers as they offer guidance on the suitability of the cleaner for unique floor types.

Furthermore, carrying out a small patch test can help determine the compatibility of your cleaner with your wood floor. You do not want to compromise the appearance or durability of your wood floor. Choose a cleaner that is compatible with the type of your wood floor.

Consider Cleaning Method

The type or nature of the hardwood floor cleaner you purchase is influenced by your cleaning method. For instance, if you intend to use spray and wipe, where the cleaning solution is sprayed directly onto the floor followed by wiping or mopping the floor with a cloth, go for the hardwood cleaners that come in spray bottles or which you can make their solutions such as vinegar.

Most hardwood floor cleaners in spray bottles are ready-to-use, and you can apply them to your floor without dilution. Such cleaners dry faster from the floor surface, leaving little to no residues or streaks. An excellent example of such cleaner is lab-clean 164 – 2 Begleys Natural Suelos de Madera Care.

Secondly, if you intend to use mopping as a cleaning method, you should choose a cleaner compatible with mops that can be diluted. Some hardwood cleaners come in concentrated forms that can damage or discolor the wood floor without diluting them. Such cleaners are vital for using traditional or microfiber mops, allowing you to efficiently cover more significant floor areas.


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Manual scrubbing will be an ideal cleaning method if your wood floor contains tough or stubborn stains or grime that presents a challenge to tackle. In such an instance, choose a cleaning product with mild abrasive properties to assist with the scrubbing process. However, you must ensure that the abrasive properties are mild or gentle enough not to damage the wood floor surface or finish.

Moreover, steam cleaning will be a perfect choice if your project involves deep cleaning the hardwood floors. You must choose a cleaner for steam cleaning machines. Steam cleaning should, however, not be used on floors that require regular maintenance, as this may damage the floors.

Ultimately, your cleaning product must be compatible with your desired cleaning method or routine. The choice helps you improve your cleaning efficiency and effectiveness while promoting your wood floor’s safety and longevity.

Type of Floor

As mentioned, the type of floor affects the choice of wood floor cleaner you purchase in terms of its compatibility with the floor and the finish.

Different homeowners have unique wood floor types with distinguishing levels of sensitivity to a given cleaning product. For instance, engineered and solid hardwood floors can handle a broader range of cleaning solutions compared to moderately delicate wood floorings such as bamboo or laminate. This requires choosing a cleaner compatible with a given floor type to avoid any potential damage.

Besides, the cleaner you choose is influenced by your wood floor finish. For instance, finishes such as polyurethane are more moisture-resistant and can contain a wide range of cleaning products. Conversely, some finishes, like oil-based or wax coatings, may need gentler or specialized cleaning methods to prevent stripping or damage.

Always pay attention to the manufacturers’ information as they provide valuable information on the different cleaning products and their suitability for other wood floors and finishes.

Consider the Ingredients

Hardwood floor cleaners may react differently to specific types of wood floors. Before making a purchase decision, check the list of ingredients in the cleaner product, including chemicals, solvents, or abrasive components that can harm your finish or discolor the floor.

For instance, always attempt to choose a cleaner with pH-neutral or mild formulas safe for use on wood floors. The hardwood floors can be sensitive to abrasives, harsh chemicals, or solvents. When shopping for a cleaner, go for one which is gentle and free from ingredients such as strong acids, bleach, or ammonia. The non-abrasive and mild formulation will help preserve the integrity and appearance of your hardwood floors over time.

Also, consider pH balance. The pH levels of hardwood floor cleaners can significantly influence their compatibility with different floor types. Most hardwood floors require neutral PH (7). Acidic pH (7 and below) is always strong or harsh and can damage or destroy the wood finish.

In addition, when used on wood floors, the basic pH (7 and above) can leave residues on the floor or cause a dull appearance. As a result, when choosing the best hardwood floor cleaner, check on the PH level and ensure it aligns with what your flooring manufacturers have recommended. If you use acidic pH cleaners, neutralize them with water first to reduce the acid levels. A good example is vinegar.


The scent of your hardwood floor cleaner is an important consideration when buying the cleaner. You must consider the impacts that the scent will have on the members of your family and the visitors, as some individuals may be sensitive to strong fragrances. In such an instance, choose a cleaner with no or mild scent.

Ease of use

The ease of use is a paramount element of consideration. Go for a cleaner that is easy to apply and needs minimal effort to accomplish the desired outcomes. Choose a product that can easily be applied using a spray bottle with a misting nozzle, or that can be easily applied using a microfiber cloth or a mop to enhance the convenience of your cleaning job.

A product that is easy to use means it can be operated by any family member, even in your absence to keep the room clean at all times. Also, various individuals can easily set up the cleaning process and produce the desired cleaning outcome.

How to clean hardwood floors

Wood floors are vulnerable to dirt, dust, spills, and other debris accumulation. Particularly, when your room experiences heavy foot traffic and other activities or when you have young children, spills on the floor surface are inevitable. As such, you must know how to clean the hardwood floors to keep them in top condition, enhance their longevity, and maintain their natural beauty.

Below is a step-by-step process for cleaning hardwood floors.

Step 1: Sweep the Floor

The first step to cleaning your hardwood floor is using a broom to sweep or remove the loose dirt and debris on the surface. You can use a soft-bristle broom to ensure you have removed any dirt, dust, or particles that can damage the wood surface.

To enhance your cleaning, you can use a mop treated with a dusting agent to improve the picking up of dust, dirt, and pet hair from the floor’s surface.

Alternatively, you can vacuum the floor to remove dust and debris.

Step 2: Choose the Cleaning Solution

Choosing your cleaning solution is paramount to getting the desired outcome. The appropriate cleaning solution should be a pH-neutral hardwood floor cleaner only designed for wood surfaces.

Ensure you do not use harsh chemicals that can damage the floor or excessive water as wood floors are vulnerable to water damage, causing buckling, cupping, or rot in the long term. You may consider using commercial wood-cleaning products such as Bona or Murphy Oil Soap.

Step 3: Make a Cleaning Solution

Once you have chosen the appropriate cleaner, dilute it with water to make a solution. However, you must note that some cleaners come ready to use, so you will not need the dilution.

Another essential step at this stage is to spot-test the cleaner. Test the cleaning solution on a small area of the floor before you apply it to the entire floor. You do not want to discolor your wood floor or cause any damage. Spot testing will help you establish the kind of effects the solution will have on the wood floor.

Step 4: Clean the floor

Dip a microfiber or a soft mop cloth in the cleaning solution. Thoroughly wring the mop to make the mop damp but not wet, as the excess liquid may penetrate the spaces on the wood floor and cause damage.

Start mopping the floor in sections while following the grains of the wood. As you continue cleaning, ensure you do not put much liquid on the floor.

Once you clean the whole surface, rinse the mop with clean water and wring the excess liquid to guarantee the mop is damp. Use the mop to remove the cleaner solution on the floor’s surface.

Note: If your wood floor contains sticky residues or stains, gently scrub the area using a soft-bristle brush or a cloth damped in the cleaning solution. Do not use abrasive materials on the wood surface to remove the stains; they can scratch the wood and damage the surface.

Step 5: Let the Floor Dry

Use a microfiber cloth or a mop with an absorbent pad to dry the floor after cleaning. The microfiber or a clean, dry mop will help you remove the excess moisture that may be left on the surface after cleaning.

Wood can absorb the excess moisture, causing every board or plank to increase in size. The expansion would cause the entire floor to be pushed upwards, establishing a bounce. The result is wood floor peaking or buckling. Avoid the bounce by ensuring that your wood floor is completely dry.


Always ensure that you perform regular maintenance on your hardwood floors to keep them in good condition. For instance, you must regularly vacuum or sweep wood floors to prevent dirt or dust build-up on the floor’s surface.

Besides, consider placing mats at entryways to trap dirt and prevent it from being tracked onto the floor. The furniture you put in your room can expose your wood floor to scratches. You can prevent this by using protective pads or felt under the furniture legs to avoid direct contact with the floor.

Ensure you have considered all the manufacturer’s instructions while using the cleaning solutions.

How to clean hardwood floors with vinegar

If you are looking for a cost-effective and straightforward way to clean your wood floor, look no further than vinegar. The vinegar solution presents a natural and efficient wood floor cleaning method that cuts through the grime and dirt, leaving a streak-free and naturally clean floor.

However, vinegar cannot be directly used on the floor due to its acidic nature and can damage the floor. As such, you must learn how to use vinegar in wood floor cleaning correctly. This involves creating a pH-neutral solution or closer to it to reduce vinegar’s acidity.

Follow the below steps to prepare vinegar solution and clean the wood floor.

An image showing how to clean hardwood floors

Materials needed

Spray bottle

White vinegar

Microfiber cloth or mop



Step 1: Prepare Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is acidic. When directly applied to the hardwood surface, it will eat the wood floor and cause massive damage to the floor.

You must reduce vinegar acidity by diluting it with water to a pH neutral or pH closer to it. In the case of vinegar, use a spray bottle and mix ½ cup of white vinegar with a gallon of lukewarm water. It could be equal parts of water and vinegar which is safe for most wood floors. Remember to add vinegar to water but not the other way around.

Step 2: Clean the Floor

Ensure the floor surface is clean and free of dirt or dust by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Cleaning the floor before using the vinegar solution ensures that it does not scratch in the cleaning process. The removal of dirt and dust enhances the cleaning process.

Step 3: Clean the Floor with Vinegar

Begin spraying the vinegar solution on the floor in small sections and note the impact the solution has on the floor. Ensure you have not saturated the floor with the solution, which may enhance its concentration in the floor areas.

Once you have applied the solution to the whole floor, gently wipe the floor using a mop or microfiber cloth. Wipe the floor following the wood grain to avoid streaking. If your mop is dirty after cleaning a section, clean it with water and rinse it before you continue cleaning. You can also replace the mop and use a new one.

Note. If stains are proving difficult to remove, you can directly apply undiluted vinegar in the sections and allow you to sit for a minute before gently scrubbing it with a soft sponge or cloth.

Step 4: Dry the Floor

Allow the floor to dry once you are done with cleaning. You must not walk on a wet surface until it is dry to prevent damage or slips that can cause injury to you or a member of your family.

Tips for Cleaning Wood Floor using a Vinegar Solution

  • Do not use excessive water or vinegar on the floor, as it can seep into the wood and cause massive damage over time. Wood can absorb moisture and buckle over time. As such, you must wring the mop thoroughly to make it damp. Do not use a wet mop on the wood floors.
  • Spot test. Apply the cleaning solution in a small section of the floor to guarantee it does not damage or discolor the floor before you can apply it to the whole floor.
  • Practice regular floor maintenance like dusting, vacuuming, or sweeping to prevent grit and dirt from scratching the surface of your hardwood floor.
  • You can improve vinegar’s cleaning power by adding a few drops of mild dish soap into the vinegar and water solution.
  • Ensure you follow manufacturers’ instructions in every cleaning activity, as specific finishes may require specialized care to avoid expensive damages.

What types of mops can I use to clean hardwood floors?

When it comes to hardwood floor cleaning, choosing the right mop for your floor is imperative. You do not want to use a mop that will damage your wood surfaces, create scratches, or leaves excessive moisture on the floor. As such, you must learn and know some of the top or suitable mops you can use to clean different hardwood floors. The various examples are illustrated below:

  1. Flat Mops

Flat or spray mops are characterized by flat, rectangular heads with a detachable microfiber pad. These mops are designed to be used with built-in reservoirs or spray bottles for applying the cleaning solution directly to the floor. With these types of mops, you are assured of the efficiency and convenience and control of the moisture left on the wood surface.

  1. Microfiber mops

If you want a mop with efficacious and gentle cleaning capabilities, microfiber mops are an excellent choice. These mops are characterized by absorbent pads to trap dirt, dust, and debris without scratching your wood floor’s surface. In addition, you can easily maneuver your floor area with the mops without fatigue since they are lightweight. You can use them when dry or slightly dampened, eliminating the risk of moisture or water spills on your floor.

  1. Steam Mops

Steam mops require significant caution when used on wood floor surfaces due to the damage they can cause on different hardwood floor types. With the manufacturer’s instructions, you can use these mops on sealed hardwood floors. However, you must guarantee that the floor is appropriately sealed and rated for steam cleaning. That means you can only use steam mops on floors rated for steam mopping.

As a precaution, ensure that your floor is properly sealed before steam mopping. Excessive or prolonged exposure of hardwood floors to steam can damage them when improperly sealed or unsealed.

  1. Sponge Mops

Sponge mops are rarely used on hardwood floors but can be effective with a conscious pick. Ensure that the sponge mop you purchase is designed for hardwood floors. For example, if you shop for hardwood floor mops, choose a sponge mop with non-abrasive, gentle sponges that won’t damage or scratch the wood.

Furthermore, if you use a sponge mop on your wood floor, ensure that it is well wringed to avoid excessive moisture on the surface.

Note: Always ensure you know the hardwood floor type in your home before choosing a cleaning mop. Moreover, avoid excessive moisture by wringing them regardless of the type of mop you buy for your floor.

Do not use wet mops on the hardwood floors, rather damp mops. Also, the mop you use on the wood surface must be cleaned before usage to ensure it does not contain any debris or abrasive particles that can scratch and damage the floor.


Regular maintenance of hardwood floors is a crucial step and decision you must make towards giving your floor new life and guarding its natural beauty over time. One of the primary maintenance practices for your wood floors is cleaning. Choosing the best hardwood floor may vary depending on your personal preferences or the needs of your floor.

In this guide, we have reviewed several hardwood floor cleaners and listed the top products that are scent-free, eco-friendly, easy to use, and characterized by high performance to provide you with the desired cleaning results.

Our top pick is the Bona Hardwood floor cleaner, recognized for its effectiveness in cleaning hardwood floors leaving no streaks or residues, unlike some of the alkaline cleaners in the market. Also, the wood cleaner is pH balanced with no harsh chemicals, which adds to its safety around young children and pets.

All the Bona cleaners are effective and high-performance products. The company has ensured that its products are available in spray bottles to promote ease of application. If you choose any cleaner from the company, you will surely provide your wood floor with a natural shine. The cleaners can remove grime, dirt, and other stubborn stains on your wood floor, including the engineered, pre-finished, and sealed hardwood.

Nevertheless, all the products or cleaners reviewed in this article are top-quality, reliable, and highly regarded options that consistently deliver excellent cleaning results. Choose these products for your hardwood floor cleaning.


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